Q. What is the Fee structure for mineral titles?

Details are available in download section of Website

Q. How can I come to know that an area is free for mineral title / lease?

Status of all the areas i.e. granted, applied or reserved for auction is marked on Survey of Pakistan Topo sheets. Any interested party or applicant can confirm/know the status of any area whether the same is granted, applied, reserved for auction or stands free available for any mineral title, by inspecting these sheets/maps which are available in each concerned regional office and Head Office in Peshawar

Q. What facilities Government offer (i.e. road construction, availability of power etc. if any)?

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa conduct feasibility study through Annual Development Plan (ADP) projects from time to time to identify potential locations in all Districts of the Province for construction of shingle roads in mining cluster areas which facilitate the Small Scale Miners in transportation/disposal of minerals in a better way and also to link mineral bearing areas with the metal roads. 

Q. Where I can find a record of the previous development work in mineral sector?

Concerned Regional Office of the District may facilitate to have record of the previous developmental work

Q. Which type of tax(s) Government has imposed on mineral sector?

(a).       Royalties.

(b).       Excise duty/labour cess.

(c).       Rents/Annual fee/Annual rents/ Dead rents etc.

Q. Which is the most attractive area in mineral sector for foreign investors?

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa encourage the investors for mineral exploration through grant of Exploration Title (EL) for the following categories of minerals

             (a).       Metallic Minerals (Precious/Semi Precious).

            (b).       Dimension Stones.

            (c).       Gems Stones.

            (d).      Industrial Minerals.

            (e).       Coal.

Q. How to Inquire regarding free area

Submit an application to Director General Mines & Minerals KP for inquiring area of interest whether its free or not and accordingly department will check that area of interest

Q. Information about rates of Royalty on various minerals.

Notified rates may be checked at Directorate General Mines & Minerals KP H/Q Office Peshawar or our regional offices and are also available in downloads

Q. What are the Factors of disqualification (individual or company) for grant of mineral titles?

Already have granted three mineral titles

Involved in unauthorized mining

Black listed in Pakistan

 Defaulter of Government Dues

Q. What is the difference between Large & Small Scale mineral titles?

Main difference between Large & Small scale mineral titles is of area. The unit used in large scale is SQ.KM while the last is acreage. For example in large scale the limit of mining lease is up-to 50 SQ.KM while in small scale the maximum area limit is up-to 3000 acres.

 Methodology for both category mineral titles is different. Large scale mineral title involves detail exploration and then exploitation  while small scale focuses on relatively small areas mostly explored and only require prospecting developments and the then mining.    

Q. So far work done by the Minerals Development Department in sector of Minerals Exploration

Department is regularly engaged in exploration projects via ADP schemes and has already have volumes of information for mineral investors. The information/data can be acquired from Directorate General Mines & Minerals KP and can also be downloaded from website.

Q. How to submit hard copy of application?

An Investment Facilitation Desk (IFD) has been established at H/Q Office Peshawar for submission of hard copy application.

Q. How to prepare a sketch for mineral title?

Services of private consultants may be acquired for this task.

Q. Where to collect application form and challan?

Both are available in download section of Website

Q. How much time it will take to get licence after submitting hard copy.
Q. What are types of mineral titles offered by Minerals Development Department?


            Reconnaissance License

                        For one year, Up to 1000 sq.km

            Exploration License

                        For five year, Up to 200 sq.km

            Mineral Deposit Retention License

                        For two year, as per EL

            Mining Lease

                        Up to Thirty year with Renewal, Up to 50 sq.km

Q. what is fee for mineral licence
Q. How to change my ID username?
Q. presently which blocks are available for EL/PL/ML if any for auction or investment. specially metallic minerals
Q. List of Blocks for auction is not available on KPK mineral site
Q. How to apply online ?

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