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Expression Of Interest In Reference To Un-Solicited Joint Venture Proposal Submitted By M/S. ISB Mine For Base Metals In District Chitral

M/S.ISB mine is a firm registered company having its registered office at street No.56, house No. 426-D, I-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan. The company has NTN: 3537025-4 and has been engaged in mining sector for more than a decade. The company is one of the biggest mining, processing extracting and exporting company. The company is primarily dealing in, copper ore, antimony ore, Lead ore and other base metals minerals.

M/S ISB MINE is a subsidiary company of the INNO Mines Group (IMG) was founded in 2009 to provide mineral exploration and exploitation services across Pakistan. Since its inception, the firm has gained a reputable name in Pakistan Mining sector for the exploration and exploitation of base metals such as Copper, Lead and Antimony. INNO Mines Group (IMG) has experience offering impartial consulting services locally for geological and geophysical investigations, mine and plant operations, processing and value addition, business development and sales. Over the last 25 years, INNO Mines Group (IMG) has proactively engaged with South Korean Multinational enterprises and maintained business relationships to develop strong hold in exploration, mining, operation, and value addition services. The INNO Mines Group (IMG) Beneficiation facility is located in Hattar Industries Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The processing capacity of plant is 300 tons 12 hour per day, if working plans change to 24/7 then capacity will be increase into 600 ton per day and more than 8,000 tons of beneficiated Copper have already been exported successfully to China. Mission is to enhance lives and create wealth via sustainable and ethical mining. INNO Mines Group (IMG) transforms natural resources into shared benefit to its stakeholders and setting an industry standard in terms of returns, safety, social responsibility, and environment al rescue. INNO Mines Group (IMG) also encourages to assist small scale mining companies to enhance their mining capability which will further lead to increase their lively hood which will further benefit Pakistan in terms of increase GDP in mining sector. INNO Mines Group (IMG) also supports the growth of small-scale mining companies by providing them with financial aid to expand their mining capabilities and capacity with the aim of benefiting Pakistan by increasing its mining GDP.

            The company is now interested to explore the rich deposits of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. During the last couple of years, the company has grown exponentially and we are now looking to expand to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For this purpose, we have come forth with an investment commitment of Rs.2200 Million over the next couple of years to development and extraction of mineral deposits in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We hope also to invest in creating employment, improving infrastructure and creating other opportunities for the local residents of the area as is the core value of our company. The company has mechanical assets worth more than 1500 Million to deploy on our third project and immediately create approximately 500 to 800 jobs directly and indirectly over the next 3 years. From extraction to purification and beneficiation, we have all the mining equipment’s, machinery, plants and trained personnel. This gives me the unique advantage of being the sole stakeholder in the entire transaction.

FINANCIAL STATUS                

The Company has a financial soundness of Rs. 500 Million as working capital as well as assets approx 3000 million. Lastly, the company has a ten thousand matric ton of stock copper ore at plant.


1:         Copper Mining at Upper Dir

 Side (a)

 Pashtan, and Sadika banday, Almas Bazaar Near Usheri Village District Upper Dir.

 Side (b)

 2:            Shaheed, Sharingal Village, District Upper Dir.

  3:           Lead, Copper, Antimony, Mining in Chitral.

  4:           Nickel, and Coblt, Mining at Mining in Gilgit Baltistan (GB).


                        The company is interested in base metals near Garam Cheshma ,District Chitral of an area 4000 acres through Joint Venture Project. The project will be based on profit sharing and value addition agreement, covered under Section 10 and Section 12 of the Mines and Mineral Act, 2017. The company offers shares of 12 percent shares to the Govt of KP and 3 percent as CSR.ALL the mining operations will be carried out by the Company with no share of expenditure of Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in mining operation and processing of base metals. All the accounts and other information are related to the project will be jointly monitored by a steering committee to be notified by the department.


                        Profile of the company and other related information are available at JV cell of Directorate General Mines and Mineral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Company has first right of refusal if better proposal is submitted by anyone. This publication is valid for 15 days from this day and date i.e.19/09/2022.

 Note:   The detail profile of the company and proposal is available at JV Cell, Directorate General of Mines and Mineral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.