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Expression of interest for unsolicited proposal under section 10 of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mines and Minerals


The following four Companies/Firms have submitted unsolicited Joint Venture proposals for entering into Joint Venture/Profit sharing agreement with the Mines and Minerals Development Department. The Joint Venture/Profit sharing agreement will be based on profit sharing with the MDD under section 10 and 12 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mines and Minerals Act 2017.The companies offered the following financial contribution to the Department against the areas of interest for the Joint Venture.

S. No


Name of the Company

Mineral ,Area and Place of JV

Profit share of the Department


Shahzad Ahmad Gujjar Government Contractor and General Order Supplier

Byrite  over an area of 145.95 acres near village Darwaza/Kag District Haripur

Rs.300 per Ton to MDD.


M/S Saddat Coal Dealer

Marble over an area of 1857.00 acres near village Dalgram/Gahiratgole District Chitral

Rs.220 per ton to MDD and Rs.50 per ton  contribution in CSR


Sky Link Communication

Base Metal over an area of 1847.9385 acres near village Bihesty Tong Shoghor District Chitral Lower

15 percent in profit sharing to MDD and 03 percent contribution in CSR


M/S Tuny Pak Mineral Private Limited


Base Metal over an area of 4806.00 acres in District Chitral

17 percent in profit sharing to MDD and 03 percent contribution in CSR


M/S BM General Order Suppliers Private Limited

Laterite over area of 510.97 acres near village Parra District Nowshera

Rs.100 per ton to MDD.


Profile and other information of the companies/firms are available at Joint Venture Cell of the Department. Any other party having better financial and technical proposal in the areas of Joint Venture mentioned above can approach this Department within fifteen days of the publication of this advertisement. The companies/firms that have submitted the proposals will hold first right of refusal as per the Act. For further details the interested parties can visit the website of the Department too where the coordinates are available (the desired area mentioned in the coordinates submitted by the parties would be granted after declining overlapping with other granted areas through Normal grants or grants through Joint ventures with the MDD, forest areas, wildlife reserved areas, national park, agricultural land or human dwellings etc as per the Act.)



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