Minerals Development Department

The Minerals Development Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a major stakeholder of Development of Mineral Resources in the Province. As per Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rules of Business 1985, being custodian of the Province’s minerals, the Department has assigned the following role and functions:

1 - Development of Mineral Resources.

2 - Consideration of applications and grant of licenses and leases.

3 - Regulation and monitoring of mining operations and activities in the mineral sector, 

      including collection of royalties.

4 - Negotiating mineral agreements and consulting the Federal Government when considered

      necessary by mineral Investment Facilitation Authority (MIFA).

5 - Facilitating access to private or public lands and reserve forest areas for the purpose of mineral 

      exploration or development of mineral resources.

6 - Maintenance of up-to-date master plans showing position of all exploration licenses and leases 

      granted renewals, assignments and surrenders of mineral titles, relinquishment of acreage etc,

     and make this information public through regular publication of complete details in the official


7 - Geological Survey for mineral exploration / resource mapping including assessment of mining


8 - Enforcement of the Acts and Rule, Regulation by laws or any order made there-under.

9 - Any other function related to management and development of mineral resources of the



Minerals Development Department
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Abdul Wali Khan Complex, Civil Secretariat, Peshawar
Phone # 091-9223553